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~  JUNE 2010 ~

Streets & Sidewalks

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Better parking enforcement
  • Broken curbs
  • Debris from private/commercial properties blocking sidewalks
  • “Lake Beeman” @ Wixom
  • Repair streets and sidewalks (potholes, busted sidewalks)
  • Street cleaning
  • Speed bumps/humps in high traffic residential areas (streets used as shortcuts)
  • Widen Lloyd


  • Businesses held responsible to clean up their own properties
  • Clean up plant viaduct @ Whitsett
  • Dirty and torn tarps on south side of Strathern between Saticoy and Whitsett (to hide junky backyards)
  • DWP water issues
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal dumping and clean up
  • New field @ Whitsett & Vanowen
  • Pocket park @ Bellaire & Strathern
  • Spruce up spreading basin
  • Trash everywhere: residential & commercial areas
  • Tree planting in bare areas


  • ‘311’ system – make it easier
  • Emergency contacts, networking info relayed
  • Get more people on “MyFamily” website
  • Junk left in front of homes – items left with “sale” signs
  • People walking dogs carrying a leash
  • Surveillance cameras/crime prevention
  • Tree trimming on city trees before limbs are a danger
  • Vicious stray dogs and cats

Municipal Code Enforcement

  • Cars on front lawns
  • Chickens, roosters, and other exotic animals
  • Illegal signage and businesses in residential zones
  • Illegal swap meets
  • LAPD informed on what to enforce & what is illegal
  • Repeated loud parties at a single home/location
  • Trash divers
  • Vacant lot vendors & traffic


  • Establishing relationships with members of various county departments
  • Teaming together with other Neighborhood Councils to push a common agenda
  • Want to be advised/have a say with local (appropriate or inappropriate) businesses
  • Working with City Council