Neighborhood Watch & Business Watch Survey


Dear NoHoWest NC Stakeholder,

The Public Safety Committee of the North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council (NoHoWest NC) has as one of its goals for the new year to increase public safety awareness and improve the overall safety in our community. In conjunction with that goal and in coordination with our Los Angeles Police Department North Hollywood Senior Lead Officer, Carol Sawamura, we are trying to gather as much information as we can about the current status and past history of Neighborhood Watch Groups and Business Watch activities in the NoHoWest stakeholder area.

The Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch program was pioneered by the Los Angeles Police Department to educate community residents regarding their roles and responsibilities in the prevention of crime, and to encourage them to take active measures to prevent crime. These programs are among the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear in your neighborhood. Neighborhood/Business Watch Programs fight the isolation and separation that crime creates and feeds upon. They forge bonds among area residents and businesses, help reduce burglaries and robberies, and improve relations between police and the communities they serve.

As a precursor to trying to expand these programs in our community, and in conjuction with a recently completed NoHoWest survey regarding community concerns, the NoHoWest Public Safety Committee is trying to discern the current status of Neighborhood Watch activities across the community. As a stakeholder in the commuity we are asking your help in providing whatever information you may have regarding your Watch experiences, both past and present. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in trying to improve the conditions across our community for both ourselves and our children. Based on the results of this survey we plan to try and orchestrate education and training programs that will help you to make your community more cohesive and safer, so please take a few minutes to respond to this survey.

Two important things to remember:
1 – Before you try to complete the survey, YOU MUST TYPE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS NEAR THE TOP OF THE FORM in the space provided
2 – There are sections of the survey that will require more than one response, so please do your best to follow the simple instructions that are provided with the questions.

If you neglect to follow the instructions, you will probably see a popup window that identifies the question that was not properly answered. If this happens, simply click the pop-up window out of the way and correct your response to correspond to the instructions for the question.

Now to begin the survey either click on the following link or paste or type it into you browser URL location. If you misplace this e-mail, you can also go to the NoHoWest Neighborhood Council’s website and you can find the link to the survey there. The survey should only take you a few minutes to complete…..

Please complete our Neighborhood/Business Watch Survey (click here)

Thank you in advance for your assistance and responsiveness.

Vince Stamboni
NoHoWest NC Public Safety Committee