August 2017 news from Teesdale Neighborhood Watch:

KNOCK KNOCK robberies/burglaries/assaults are apparently on the rise, with the culprits wearing bright colored vests, appearing as County or City workers. Once you open your door, they break in. Please be careful. If you have not called for any service repairs, etc., check their credentials THROUGH your peephole. If you are still not sure who they are, call your facilities..and if they are acting suspicious…call 911 immediately. We saw all this on the news, and have NOT heard of this happening in our neighborhood, but just letting every know about it and to be aware.

It’s not a bad idea to get a small lock and LOCK UP your electrical boxes! Burglars can open the door, flip the power off, and disable your power including your alarm system and video cameras, phones, etc. If your power goes off and you are inside, the normal reaction is to go outside and flip the breaker. BE CAREFUL! I have been informed that a home in Encino was burglarized and the burglars did just this….cut the power.